From the first visit to the sales office, home owners are partnered with a client services team member who assesses the homeowners needs, helps them choose the right plan and options, then follows through to guide the homeowner through the various stages of the home building process. Mountainview keeps home owners informed every step of the way.



Mountainview offers information sessions presented by the Mountainview team and provides access to MyHome Tracker, software which allows home owners to keep up to date on the status of their home.

The flow of information and communication with home owners continues after the home owner has taken possession of their new home. There are no sales “hand-offs”. The same client services team member that assembled the contract will provide after closing care for any service items that come up after closing.

This personal approach has earned Mountainview numerous service excellence awards.

Personally Committed To You
Peace of Mind Warranty - Mountainview Homes


Every home that Mountainview builds is enrolled with Tarion for warranty coverage. With a comprehensive 1, 2, and 7 year warranty, home owners are assured of peace of mind for years to come. Mountainview home owners may be surprised to find that there are very few defects in their new home as a 150 point third party inspection is conducted at the framing stage, and a comprehensive 1500 point review is conducted when the home is complete.

Home owners can track the progress of the warranty work being done on their home using MyHome Tracker. Even after the warranties expire, Mountainivew is there to help make things right and often extends their warranties beyond the industry standard established by Tarion.


Need service during the construction process or after closing? It’s easy and direct. Simply contact your client services team member at the sales office located at the site where your home was built. If you don’t know which sales office that is, you can contact our head office at (905) 688-3100 for the contact information.

All service requests will be inputted into the Mountainview service system by your client services representative who will follow up to ensure that all enquiries or requests for service are addressed in a timely fashion. Service requests should only be addressed to client services representatives at the sales offices. Requests directed to site staff and trades may not be tracked in our system. Once a request has been entered in our system, home owners can visit MyHome tracker on the web to see the request or the entire service history for the home.

In the case of an after hours emergency, Mountainview has a call answer service that can be reached by calling the head office.

How To Request Service - Mountainview Homes
MyHome Tracker - Mountainview Homes


Based on our past experience and current knowledge we have prepared a home owner manual that contains warranty and maintenance information. It’s purpose is to help you understand more about some of the common things to look for in your new home and how, through certain practices and maintenance, you may be able to avoid even the most unavoidable of problems. The various topics represent some of the things to watch for.

You should not expect that all or any of these items will occur in your home, however this information will go a long way in helping you to understand your new home and builder. If your furnace is not working, please check the Home Owner Manual before calling for service. If you have condensation on your windows, please check the manual. You can download the manual by logging into your MyHome Tracker account below.





“Most of all, we love the location of our new home in Deerfield Estates.  The neighborhood is in a very nice part of Niagara Falls…  close to hiking and biking paths and with easy access to the highway.  This is our first home and when we move up, we’ll choose Mountainview again.”

Tim & Jennifer Stockton - Niagara Falls - Deerfield Estates

“We chose to build our new home at Residence at Lookout in Fonthill because of the open space, great lot sizes, existing curb appeal and not to mention the peace and tranquility this community offers. Mountainview offers flexibility that is now available with other builders. We could not be happier with Mountainview Homes as a builder.”

The Burton family - Fonthill - Residences at Lookout

“When we took our Pre-Delivery Inspection, we were amazed that only minor things had to be fixed.  We were also surprised to see our home had been landscaped.  We didn’t realize that was included.  Overall, the experience has been outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with our new home.”

Hung & Trisha Vo - St. Catharines - Maplebrook Estates

“Mountainview Homes and its staff truly care about our interests as new homebuyers and continue to exceed our highest expectations.  Quite honestly, the quality, craftsmanship and continued customer care is far superior to anything we’ve ever experienced.”

Ron and Nancy Arnold - Beamsville - Hillside Estates

“After working with a lot of different builders over the last 6 years we have found that Mountainview Homes offers the best product.  As for customer service, what can I say?  Mountainview Homes has the rest of the builders in the area beat hands down and leaps and bounds over all aspects of the home purchasing process.”

Bill & Pam Schmidt -Beamsville - Hillside Estates

“We would like to share our deep appreciation for the excellent services provided by you as well as Mountainview Homes. Your friendly, helpful attitude has been outstanding! We appreciate your quick reply to all our ongoing questions.”

Vaseem and Shay - West Community - Thorold

“After owning a few homes over the years, we can say without any hesitation that the professionalism of the organization was impressive, and the work itself with the attention to detail was the best we have experienced so far. Our new home is beautifully crafted and a joy to walk into!”

The Pinto Family - Woodside - Niagara Falls


Mountainview intends to provide our customers with the best customer service and building experience from beginning to end. Mountainview will continually work to improve all aspects of the community in which we operate environmentally, socially, and economically, creating a better tomorrow for today. We will focus on being a leader and commit to build company value by making Mountainview a sustainable company.