Buying a new home does not have to be complicated. From top-to-bottom, Mountainview creates a clear process to get you the home you have always wanted.

Transparency, clarity, and communication help our clients stay informed every step of the way.

It’s difficult to know if you’re buying a well-crafted home if you can’t see what’s inside the walls, under the carpet, and beneath the basement floor. Here are just a few of the things we do to build homes that endure.

Inside Out - We Make It Easy For You


We have exceeded building codes with a 25% stronger foundation that has less cracking. We pour 20 MPa concrete foundation walls with two pieces of rebar at the top.

Delta MS foundation drainage acts like a rain coat for your home and makes sure leaks are eliminated.

Saves energy and reduces drafts at tubs, windows, etc.

Metal studs are used for framing to ensure there are square corners and straight lines at all drywall boxing on the main floor, while ensuring an airtight seal inside the boxing to protect ducts from the elements.

Metal angles at outside corners and at ceilings result in fewer drywall cracks at corners and at trusses than does wood backing.

Mountainview applies a spray foam air seal below rooms over the garage, keeping cold air out and providing the warmest floor temperature possible.

Humidity controlled ventilation system included, keeping indoor air fresh and clean. It also eliminates high humidity levels and window condensation.

Plumbing shut-of valves allow for convenient control of water supply to the fixtures.

An experienced 3rd party framer does a 150 point review of every house.

A 1500 point review is done prior to the Pre-Delivery Inspection.

30 year shingles and hurricane roof vents keep the snow and water out.

Sump pumps with sealed lids & alarms keep the humidity out of the basement and substantially decrease the chance of basement flooding. Discharge pipes run under the basement slab where possible to reduce noise.

Fiberglass front doors because you wouldn`t buy a new car with a dented door and you shouldn`t buy a new house with one either.

Our party walls have a 1” space down the middle separating neighboring townhouse and semi units from the foundation wall to the roof trusses. It is like building a single home that is 1” away from the house next door.

Main floor brick for the entire perimeter of most plans for lasting durability (as per elevation).

We are not afraid to modify our plans to better suit your needs and wants, specifically for your lifestyle.

36” wide front doors on most plans instead of the industry standard 32” wide front doors because your furniture and appliances should be able to come in the front door.

Closing costs are included so there are no extra surprises on closing (eg. water meter, boulevard tree, base coat asphalt driveway, etc.).

Smart shoppers should always add the upgrades to base prices when comparing other builders bottom line.

Our least expensive homes are built to the same high-quality construction specification as our most expensive homes. No corners are cut.

Acrylic tubs and showers (where shown) require less maintenance, look better than the common builder alternative, and have twice the warranty of gel coat units.

Garage walls are drywalled and painted with plywood on the exterior of the studs. A rough tape coat with one coat of paint inside just looks better.

Wood trim at closet openings fit the doors better and are more durable than drywall openings.

Fully landscaped lots and asphalted driveways provide a proper finish to your house and your community.

We lead the industry in on-site safety. All homes come with a permanent roof anchor for homeowner use and safety.

Get to know the Mountainview team and our processes. Check the News section of our website for upcoming dates and times.

As requested, we want to get the lights and switches in the exact location fit for your needs.

Both savvy homeowners with plans for complete theatre rooms and those with future visions of simple surround sound plans will benefit from an Audio/Visual walkthrough in their home, as requested.

Through a third party firm, a series of surveys are sent to each of our homeowners to cover the full spectrum of our customers’ impression of the home buying, building, customization and ownership process. The results help to continually improve our processes with our current and future home buyers.

Log in for daily updates on the personalized pricing, changes service and construction progress of your home.

A list of contraction related items that are fixed by Mountainview in the spring even though they are not covered under Tarion’s warranty.


“Most of all, we love the location of our new home in Deerfield Estates.  The neighborhood is in a very nice part of Niagara Falls…  close to hiking and biking paths and with easy access to the highway.  This is our first home and when we move up, we’ll choose Mountainview again.”

Tim & Jennifer Stockton - Niagara Falls - Deerfield Estates

“We chose to build our new home at Residence at Lookout in Fonthill because of the open space, great lot sizes, existing curb appeal and not to mention the peace and tranquility this community offers. Mountainview offers flexibility that is now available with other builders. We could not be happier with Mountainview Homes as a builder.”

The Burton family - Fonthill - Residences at Lookout

“When we took our Pre-Delivery Inspection, we were amazed that only minor things had to be fixed.  We were also surprised to see our home had been landscaped.  We didn’t realize that was included.  Overall, the experience has been outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with our new home.”

Hung & Trisha Vo - St. Catharines - Maplebrook Estates

“Mountainview Homes and its staff truly care about our interests as new homebuyers and continue to exceed our highest expectations.  Quite honestly, the quality, craftsmanship and continued customer care is far superior to anything we’ve ever experienced.”

Ron and Nancy Arnold - Beamsville - Hillside Estates

“After working with a lot of different builders over the last 6 years we have found that Mountainview Homes offers the best product.  As for customer service, what can I say?  Mountainview Homes has the rest of the builders in the area beat hands down and leaps and bounds over all aspects of the home purchasing process.”

Bill & Pam Schmidt -Beamsville - Hillside Estates

“We would like to share our deep appreciation for the excellent services provided by you as well as Mountainview Homes. Your friendly, helpful attitude has been outstanding! We appreciate your quick reply to all our ongoing questions.”

Vaseem and Shay - West Community - Thorold

“After owning a few homes over the years, we can say without any hesitation that the professionalism of the organization was impressive, and the work itself with the attention to detail was the best we have experienced so far. Our new home is beautifully crafted and a joy to walk into!”

The Pinto Family - Woodside - Niagara Falls


Mountainview intends to provide our customers with the best customer service and building experience from beginning to end. Mountainview will continually work to improve all aspects of the community in which we operate environmentally, socially, and economically, creating a better tomorrow for today. We will focus on being a leader and commit to build company value by making Mountainview a sustainable company.

Mountainview Homes - Our Commitment